Growth Through Acquisition

Our mission is to deliver superior returns by buying successful, niche-leading companies and taking them to the next level. We will accomplish this by partnering with management teams to improve operations, support organic growth initiatives, and complete add-on acquisitions. We will create value for all stakeholders by building companies that are not just bigger, but are qualitatively better and more well-positioned in the marketplace.

Our current portfolio focuses primarily on the property management and maintenance sector, however we do have a sub focus on healing and health related companies. 


Our recent acquisitions include the following:


Property Management and Maintenance

AR Property Services, LLC
Radiant New Horizons, LLC
MG Home Remodels, Inc
H Hendon Handyman Services, LLC
Ultra Green Insulation Co., Inc
NOBU Logistics, LLC
JRC Home Improvement, LLC


Plainfield P/T Associates, LLC

NE OrthoSpecs Inc


Piece of cake, llc