Our Growth Mission


The principal growth strategy of New England Management Group is to merge with or acquire other companies operating primarily in the Property Management and/or Property Maintenance space, however we have recently begun acquisitions in the Healthcare and Medical sectors as well.  We offer our management expertise and guidance to all newly acquired ongoing concerns and new partners. We share knowledge and experience, pass leads to each other and provide individualized back office support to those partners in need of this service.

Business Mangement Services


NEMG is about being part of something bigger. We surround each of our new team members with the support, shared services, and operational guidance that are often lacking in theIR CURRENT space. In turn, our new members work to grow our core competencies across the portfolio. The result is an independent mindset, a more profound service offering, remarkable results, and happier clients.


Leverage Technologies

We're bypassing digital transformation by unbundling the traditional agency model and leveraging our modular growth-as-a-service platform.


Redefine Procedures

We’ll use our collective expertise to identify gaps and empower MANAGERS to orchestrate their people, processES, and technology optimally.


Shed Limitations

Team members are part of an ecosystem of seamless collaboration. NEW MEMBERS can tap into resources beyond their core competencies, so they always have the right people at the right time when their clients need them most.


Free Up Time

We handle the operations so TEAM MEMBERS and their people can focus on what they do best while maximizing client results.






Using the above approach and culture, we are extremely proud of the mergers and acquisitions we have completed to date. Even in the extremely challenging business climate of the past few years, we have added the following fantastic, cash flow positive companies to our family:

Property Management and Maintenance Portfolio


AR Property Services, LLC


JCR Home Improvement, LLC


Hurdle Home Services, LLC


MG Management and Remodels, Inc


Radiant New Horizon Homes, LLC


Ultra Green Insulation, Inc


NOBU Logistics, LLC



Healthcare & Medical Portfolio


Plainfield P/T, LLC


OrthoSpecs, Inc






New England Management Group, LP was formed by Steve Alkandros. As founder and Chairman of Alkandros Residential, Steve has been in the real estate management and investment business for over 25 yrs. He has been involved in all aspects of the business including development, single family and small multi-family rehabilitation, commercial multi-family rentals, portfolio acquisitions and asset dispositions. Early in his career as a licensed securities broker, Mr. Alkandros traded REITs for several mid and large sized broker-dealers. The rest of the NEMG team comprises individuals with professional experience in small business acquisition and disposition, marketing, sales, property management, maintenance and real estate law.