Full Service Management


Who we are

New England Management Group is a property management and maintenance company that specializes in condo association management in Southern New England. When it comes to our condominium association management services, our primary goal is to promote confidence in the Board of Directors by assisting them in preserving, protecting and enhancing their condominium association. We achieve that by putting our expertise, knowledge and resources to work for you every day, servicing all aspects of your Association’s financial, administrative and maintenance needs.
By choosing New England Management Group you will have the security and reliability of a larger enterprise that has been in business for over 21 years, but with the hands-on dedication of a small business.
New England Management Group is a Structured Limited Partnership, similar to that of a medical or law group. Most of our competitors rely solely on “organic growth”. However, we intend to accelerate our growth through partnerships and/or acquisitions. This way, we are partnering with companies with existing Expertise in key markets. 

Key benefits of joining our partnership are:






By combining our firms into a Structured Limited Partnership, similar to that of a medical or law group,  we can not only help each other grow, but we will also show significantly more consolidated expertise in key markets throughout New England.


Why now?
Studies show there will be over $1T in investable cash being deployed by large VC and buyout firms over the next 3-5 years.
The PM industry is fragmented and run by very few, large national companies.
A major consolidation is coming. Let’s join together and be on the right side of the money flow.
Industry Standard Market Multiples for a Property Management Firm With:


Annual Revenue <$1MM: 1.0x-1.25x EBITDA


Annual Revenue >$1.1MM but <$3MM: 1.25x - 3.0x EBITDA


Annual Revenue >$3.1MM but <$5MM: 3.0x - 5.0x EBITDA


Annual Revenue >$5.1MM: 5.0x - 7.5x EBITDA


*As Published by Peak Business Valuations 2019